Kenya Muchagara AB

Kenya Muchagara AB

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Cupping Notes: Stone fruit, florals, berries


Sirupy and fruit forward. Really nice balance and mouthfeel. Like berry cordial. Complex berries and fruit. Clean lingering finish.


Variety: Ruiru 11, SL-34, SL-28, Batian

Processing: Washed

Crop year: 2020/2021


Origin: Muchagara - Baragwi Farmers’ Co-operative Society

Muchagara Factory


Muchagara Factory is named after one of the villages in Kirinyaga County. The factory was opened for processing in 1959, making it the oldest wet processing centre in Kirinyaga. The area is very fertile for agricultural production making it an ideal place to establish a factory.

Region / Area: Western side of Kirinyaga District in the southern part of famous Mt. Kenya.

Name of Cooperative: Baragwi Farmers’ Co-operative Society

Name of Factory: Muchagara Factory

Production: About 200 tonnes clean coffee

Number of producers/growers: 1700

Altitude (masl): 1700 - 1800

Soil type: Rich Volcanic Sandy Soil

Flowering period: Between March and April

Harvest period: Between November and December

Shipping Period: Between March and April

Average rainfall (mm): 1250

Average annual temperatures °C: Average low15 degrees, average high: 24 degrees

Certifications: 4C & RA Certified

Varieties: SL 28, Ruiru 11, and SL 34

Process: Fully washed with fresh river water, and then sun-dried